Data Assurance

Our Commitment

Essential to LBA’s corporate governance is a company-wide commitment to integrity. Whether engaging with peers, customers, vendors, investors or the community, transparency and ethics are ingrained in all aspects of our business practices. LBA maintains a governance structure supported by impartial, third-party service providers that audit and monitor LBA’s policies and procedures at regular intervals. LBA maintains a three-pronged approach to compliance: education, documentation and auditing.

Our Approach

As outlined, LBA’s approach to governance is comprehensive with long-standing policies in place. Some key policy areas are designed to address:

  • Physical liability and transition risks associated with climate change and potential impacts on current and future investments
  • Resiliency and recovery in the event of a significant business disruption
  • Proper identification, reporting, management, and mitigation of real and perceived conflicts of interest
  • Anti-money laundering processes and procedures
  • Documentation and maintenance of required business records
  • Transparency in communications and reporting to investors